Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (Terms) outline the relationship between this user of the World Pub Crawl App (“User”) (an Application (“App”) developed by World Pub Crawl) and World Pub Crawl, LLC for the purposes of providing services on behalf of our users and locations. By downloading or using this App, you agree to the Terms and to our Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time.

User: Any individual using either the App or any web interface as provided by World Pub Crawl. Broadly, World Pub Crawl defines users in two categories:

  1. Location – Any company (brewery, bar, etc.) that offers an incentive for purchase of incentives through the App.
  2. General User – Any patron of a bar for the purpose of receiving incentives from an Location through the App.

Beta status
As this application is in beta testing, World Pub Crawl may occasionally make changes to the Terms in order to respond to unseen business needs.

General terms

  1. User warrants that all information provided to the App for the purposes of using the services of the App are, to the best knowledge of the User, correct.
  2. Any attempt to use the App in a way that is either destructive to the App, World Pub Crawl, or its Locations, subsidiaries, parent companies, or related interests are applicable to remedy to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Any attempt to reverse engineer, reproduce, or otherwise recreate the services provided within the App are strictly prohibited. World Pub Crawl readily accepts comments from our users for the purpose of growing this community. Any attempt to diminish the value of the community or this App will be prosecuted under the fullest extent that the law allows.
  4. User warrants that it will not attempt to “game” the system in any way that would undercut the value of App or community.
  5. User assumes risks associated with the use of our product in conjunction with services that may be provided by an Location. This is not limited to potential risk regarding over consumption of alcohol or related issues, requirement of an Location to serve the User, or any potential material loss in the case of lost information related to the App.
  6. User warrants that it is not attempting to break any law when using the App. This includes attempted purchase of alcohol for minors, entrapment, or any other potential misuse.
  7. Any redirection to a third-party results in the guiding Terms of Use being those through which the User is providing information. World Pub Crawl does not govern any third-party app’s Terms of Use.
  8. The enforceability of no individual item in these Terms shall preclude the enforceability of all other items.
  9. Taxes may be required based on the state in which the User resides. All taxes will be covered by World Pub Crawl until otherwise amended.

Community Guidelines
User understands and agrees:

  1. Any attempt to knowingly or unknowingly breach the privacy of other users of the App shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. All users are to treat other community members with the utmost dignity and respect at all times. This includes any event that may be held by World Pub Crawl in connection with its App. Violation of these guidelines may result in permanent expulsion from the community.

World Pub Crawl Warranties & Disclaimers

  1. Unless otherwise stated, World Pub Crawl makes no warranties or disclaimers with regard to privacy or services or functionality with regard to the App, its services, or any other business proposition which World Pub Crawl might, or already, undertake(s).
  2. Nothing in these Terms is intended to supercede governing law and venue as may be provided by state law. >

For any comments, questions, or suggestions related to, or to make a formal complaint regarding, these Terms, please direct all inquiries to:

Legal Department
World Pub Crawl