// Drink with Purpose

I’m Keith, Founder and Creative Director of the BrewToken app, and this is my startup story. My journey began in 2009 after leaving my career as a Digital Creative Director in advertising and wondering where in the hell I was going to land next. For over a decade now, this passion pursuit has been a creative endeavor as an experiment in entrepreneurship and digital design. It wasn’t the prettiest of processes, but I basically found myself at a unique crossroads in life with a wide range of intensive internet experience that began in the early dot-com bubble days. Whether I was up for it or not, somehow the next step was taking the proverbial jump off the cliff without a parachute and building the plane on the way down.

Fast forward to today, I ended up teaching myself how to build and brand an app from scratch all the way to the beer tap. Without any funding to date, this startup project is independently owned, designed, and developed. The app concept is based on the historical wooden nickel that was given out to be redeemed for a free drink at your local public house, circa pre-prohibition. The public house has traditionally been a center of the community to share in conversations from inventions and celebrations to revolutions. These are the game changers that inspire our core values @BrewToken. Enjoy our Pints & Pixels Brewery Tour across the country as we pour it forward onscreen and in real life. Play the overview video below to hear more.