Privacy Policy

World Pub Crawl, an application administered by World Pub Crawl, LLC based in the state of Colorado, uses information gathered directly, or indirectly, by users for the overall betterment of the World Pub Crawl Community. This Privacy Policy sets out the terms under which data is collected and used.

Special Exemption for beta stage development
There may be periodic changes to this Privacy Policy, as needed, and this policy is written as a best intention document for our beta users. All users of this App, as defined as those who download and access any data in the App, see our TOU, do so with an understanding that due to the nature of the development of the App, changes may occur more rapidly than can be updated within our Privacy Policy.

All changes that may occur in the course of beta testing are done so in a “good-faith effort” to protect the general privacy of our users. Any modifications that would significantly impact our users individual privacy will not be contemplated without change to this policy.

Information you directly provide to us
All users of the App must provide contact and demographic information for the purposes of administration within the Apps features. This information will never be shared on an individual basis without prior consent from the user. Aggregate data may be provided for the purposes of reporting to our Locations as well as for internal business needs.

Information you indirectly provide to us
Usage of the App generates data that may provide information that can be inferred or directly pulled from activity within the App. This data is protected as if it is directly provided to us.

Information you directly provide to others
In order to manage a number of business operations, such as billing, World Pub Crawl may use third-party applications for the collection, storage, verification, and transmission of information. We cannot verify the privacy policy, nor take any responsibility for said privacy policies in the course of your use of this App except that we will make a “good-faith effort” to stay apprised of changes and respond appropriately to continue to protect our users, to the best of our ability.

Any and all content shared to third-parties such as social networks are to be governed by the terms of those companies and cannot be guaranteed by World Pub Crawl. World Pub Crawl may have third-party relationships with these companies that allow your information to be shared back with World Pub Crawl. No information collected from a third-party will be used in any way that is not related to a business need.

Data Used
Aggregate data of user information such as duration of visit, demographics, utilization of services, etc. may be reported to member locations that have requested those as a regular, or ad hoc report for their business purposes.

Public Profile
In our current App, there is no separation between a public or private profile. Users have no access to another user’s data through the App, however, our Locations will have temporary access to your data when completing a transaction with you as a user when you choose to use the Location for their services. The Location will in no way have access to that information afterward.

In future versions of the app, you may be able to control access to a public profile which may be shared through third-party applications as you choose.

Managing your profile
You will have the ability to control what information is provided on your profile or to deactivate your profile when you choose. Profiles that have been deactivated will not be automatically deleted from our records any less than five years from deactivation for the purposes of testing, reporting, and business planning. If your information needs to be fully removed from our records, you may make a request by sending a certified letter to our legal department for full removal from our system. World Pub Crawl makes no warrant that any potential backed-up, replicated, or otherwise copied without our consent will also be deleted. Any request for deletion of your user profile must be directed to:

Information Security
No individual information collected by World Pub Crawl is shared directly with any of our Locations, except on an aggregate basis. All direct information collected is handled through secure connection. World Pub Crawl cannot warrant that any data sent through insecure means due to your device are also protected. Information collected by World Pub Crawl is only accessible by our staff and only for intended business purposes.

Compliance with law enforcement and regulatory agencies
Nothing in this Policy is meant to construe any special protection for our users that we may be compelled to supply to any law enforcement or regulatory agency for their purposes. World Pub Crawl will provide notification, where possible, when any such request is made by such an entity, or complied to by World Pub Crawl.

Requests for clarification or other communication
World Pub Crawl users’ information is important to us. If for any reason a user would like clarification regarding any of these policies, a request may be sent to:

Privacy Officer
World Pub Crawl