// Pour It Forward

BrewToken is a free app directory of craft breweries with over 7,500 listed nationwide. Our goal is to have every brewery verify their info by creating a free customizable profile to offer a one-time-anytime //BOGO for the craft beer explorer to stop on by and say hello. This is a human-made freeware app platform to support local breweries with free advertising, location info, and creative initiatives to support positive change. Verified breweries get free access to an admin dashboard to track BrewTokens that have been redeemed on the app. Our mission is to build long term business relationships with all of the craft brewers we meet, first and foremost. Traveling patrons find breweries on the app directory and belly on up. We’re calling all breweries to sign up and verify their location by building a branded presence on the app as we continue to support local businesses and social good throughout the U.S.


1) Find a Brewery
With over 7,500 locations listed, we’re building out a national directory of craft breweries from the ground up.

2) BrewToken // BOGO
Verified breweries listed on the app will offer a one-time-anytime BOGO visit to stop on by and say hello.

3) Belly on Up
Once you find your spot, show the verified profile to your bartender to redeem the BrewToken.


1) Create a Profile
Claim your brewery location on www.BrewToken.app and sign-up to create a free customizable profile to be listed on the app.

2) BrewToken // BOGO
Once verified, your brewery profile will show up on the app directory with your branded content to offer a one-time-anytime BOGO.

3) Promote your Pour
You will have live access to see how many BrewTokens have been redeemed from your verified profile to track any of your promotions.